2013 'Git "Er Done Days

"Git R Done days" are about collectively living out our motto, I am always doing that which I cannot do... in order that I may learn how to do it. Pablo Picasso We share in the joy of learning or teaching new skills in order to expand our farmgirl horizons and "git 'r done"!

January 14 - Pillowcases - Farmer's Daughter Teresa
January 27 - San Antonio Mission Roses - Gypsy Fiddler
February 25 - Mason Jar Desserts - Appalousa Gal
March 25 - Worm Farm Field Trip - Sparky Judy
April 22 - Watercolors 101 - Lady Inez
May 6-9 Santa Margarita Lake Farmgirl Glampout
June 3 Going Fishin' Potluck - Owl Lady
July & August - Traveling Journals
September 23 - Wooden Signs - Lady Inez & Country Mouse
October 7 - 10 Farmgirl Glampout
October 28 - Farmgirl Necklaces - Owl Lady & SLO Farmgirl
November 6 - 11 Death Valley 49'er Encampment
November 25 - Mason Jar Chandeliers - SLO Farmgirl & Gypsy Fiddler
December 9 - Mozzarella Cheese - Sassy Sally

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Glamping It Up...

When Wild at Heart Farmgirls get together things happen.  The very minute we parked our rigs and our feet hit the ground Garden Farms Chickie took the reins and got farmgirls "glue welding" their own personalized candlestick/mason jar glasses while SLO Farmgirl  set us up to create our own personalized name tag charm so we could keep track of whose was whose!  They were barely dry when Just Jannie's incredible lemon drop martinis were poured into them!

Omelots In A Bag is our farmgirl breakfast tradition.   Best part is there's no pan to fuss over after breakfast!   We put a large pot of water on to boil while everyone writes their name on a freezer ziploc gallon sized bag.  After mixing eggs and milk together (about 2 eggs each) each farmgirl scopes a ladel of egg into her bag.... then chooses from a colorful lineup of chopped and shreaded veggies and cheeses...adding whatever ingredients she chooses.  After getting all air out of the bag we pop them into the boiling water and wait for them to cook!  Perfect omelot everytime!

We ate and we ate... then we ate some more.  On the trail.... campfire cookin..... cast iron baking..... Just Jannie razel dazzeled us all with her cast iron cooking skills.  How does crab dip with homemade bread grab ya?  Baked to perfection I might add.... over charcoal briquettes.... in cast iron pans... complete with how- to instruction handouts... that farmgirl's down right amazing that one is!  I was IMpressed!

And then... we ate some more.... this time it was tin foil dinners.  On a heavy duty piece of tin foil we each added chicken, veggies, seasoning.... sweet potatoes, onions, celery and parsnips.. adding fresh rosemary and thyme. We folded our packets and wrapped them one more time in foil.  We wrote our names with a sharpee and added them to hot coals that had been burning down in the pit flipping and moving them around the coals until they smelled done... 20 - 30 minutes.  Add toppings of diced onion, cilantro, salsa and feta cheese and you've got yourself a feast!

Fire Dove taught us to wind fabric around hangers to make heart hangers.  She brought her drums and we drummed and sang around the campfire.  We ate smores and campfire banana splits.  We rode bikes and hiked and talked and shared.  Women from completely different backgrounds who probably would never have met and become friends if it weren't for farmgirls....  now joined at the heart.   And it was all over way too soon.

Robertsonpics's Drummed Sang and Crafted album on Photobucket

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sisters Helping Sisters...

Robertsonpics's Sisters Helping Sisters album on Photobucket

Thank goodness.... many hands make light work !   Wild at Heart Farmgirls spent the morning helping sister farmgirl Kritter Keeper tidy up her iris and dahlia garden for her annual Garden Farms Nursery Chocolate In the Garden spring event.   Donned in gloves and smiles on their faces farmgirls showed up eager to git r' done outside in the beautiful sunshine.  

It was farmgirls in action.  Everyone figured out what needed to be done and jumped right in!  Some stripped and flattened cardboard boxes and laid them down in between rows of iris.  There were farmgirls planting flowers at the end of the iris beds.  Others watered rows of cardboard down real well.  Kritter Keeper spent several hours on her old tractor racing back and forth to her mulch pile bringing beautiful buckets of wood mulch to farmgirls.  They then shoveled it into two waiting wheelbarrows where it was hauled to cardboard walkways and then dumped.  Farmgirls stationed in the rows raked and spread the chips out over the cardboard to make  beautiful paths.   Back and forth went the tractor and wheelbarrows until every walkway was covered in cardboard and mulch.    I bet we must have spread 60 wheetbarrow loads full of that mulch.  The iris garden looked beautiful.

Hunger pangs told us it was time to stop and eat.  Sitting on a picnic table under Kritter Keeper's huge grand oak tree feasting on cold sack lunches left little to be desired.  It was an awesome feeling working together like this... many hands making light work of a monumental task...  Kritter Keeper looked at me several times during the day with a dazed look on her face saying in disbelief .... I cannot believe this!    I couldn't believe it either.... it was amazing.  Sassy Sally summed it up in a quote   "Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for 
each other"...  Carol Saline

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Worms Aren't Just For Fishin'...

Robertsonpics's Worm Farm album on Photobucket

Christy Christie, of SLO County Worm Farm could make even my own daughter fall in love with worms.   Her presentation on vermiculture... how worms and their castings improve the health of your soil thus sustaining the soil food web was undoubtly the most informative and enjoyable conversation I have ever had with regard to worms.    We can even now tell the difference between a head and a tail …. thank you very much!

Black gold, aka Black Diamond Vermicompost, manufactured by SLO County Worm Farms’ billions of resident worms turn hard, dry compacted dirt into nutritious life sustaining soil.  What worms are fed has a direct impact on the fertility of their poop (castings).  In turn, fertile poop  (I can’t believe I’m writing this) has an affect on the health of a plant... which then has an affect on the nutritional content your garden produce produces.    This is so awesome... nature was created to take such good care of itself if we’d just quit messin’ it up!

Fertile, healthy soil is every farmgirl’s dream!  And although owning an aerated worm bin and aerated compost tea maker that turns thousands of bacteria and microorganisms into trillions and billions of bacteria and microorganisims is way up there on “my” bucket list… (dream on farmgirl)  I suddenly have found a new appreciation for the little black worm bin my friend Monica gave me years ago and the joy we  have had,  to my daughters horror,  in what we call “fluffing” our worms…. I now realize why they seemed to thrive after being “fluffed”…we were aerating them! 

You can find info about worms and the SLO County Worm Farm and it's awesome website at http://www.slocountyworms.com/

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gypsy Fiddler's Gittin' Hitched...

Leave it to a farmgirl!  When Just Jannie caught wind of Gypsy Fiddler's Valentine wedding, she secretly e-mailed Wild at Heart Farmgirls with the good news... just in the nick of time for our monthly 'git together at The Porch.  Just Jannie "merely suggested" farmgirls bring a decoration or snack...whatever they wanted.  Well... that's all it took... next thing we knew we had The Porch hustling and bustling with excited farmgirls clucking and decorating and carrying on.... smiling and winking at every customer who passed us by secretly muttering under their breath "what the heck?"... as Farmer's Daughter adorned Gyspy Fiddler with her homemade farmgirl bride crown as she walked into the door... plum surprised I might add!

Thinking about it all still makes me smile!  Garden Farms Chickie's Vintage Valentine Banner and Owl Ladie's glorious dozen of eggs decorated the table.  There were gifts... from Gardening Angel's custom made vintage purse... to Sassy Sally's "sassy" farmgirl bride and groom pillowcases.   Country Mouse graciously gifted her grandmother's vintage lace, a vintage teacup and a saucer.   Just Jannie brought her to tears with Gypsy Fiddler's very own embroidered Wild at Heart Farmgirl Bride Apron, complete with her farmgirl name stitched on the pocket!  Fire Dove wove beautiful bridal feathers into her hair.  An even bigger gift was when her almost husband surprised us and came walking through the door!  He was as excited as his farmgirl bride!  It was such a sweet time!

We again met after their wedding where neighbors, friends, farmgirls and family gathered together at our local Tavern to celebrate the blessing of our farmgirl bride's very special valentine wedding... to her very special groom. 

                                       ...John and Marlene

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Farmgirls on a Mission...

Robertsonpics's Mission San Antonio album on Photobucket

We had a great outing last Sunday on our trip to San Antonio Mission.  Six of us met as planned and we quickly discovered that the weather was chillier than it appeared and then we also discovered that we had all cleaned out our cars to make room for carpooling!  So we did not have all the handy backup supplies that might normally be left in our cars such as scarves, sweaters, jackets, caps.....  But being of Farmgirl/Pioneer Women spirits we made do and carried on.  Those riding shotgun were instructed to watch for any cowhides, deer skins, or sheepskins enroute that may come in handy to keep us warm! :) No, it wasn't that bad....as long as you stayed in the sun or had wine with lunch!  And the bravest of them all, Sherry, caught up to us after riding out on her motorcycle......now THAT was chilly! We were glad she made it.....rosy cheeks and all!
We started by first carefully collecting our rose canes.  I can't wait to see what roses we end up with from our "field trip". We also got a great pruning demonstration from one of the volunteers. Then we visited a few of the vendor/artists booths.  You should have seen our excitement over the painted gourds!  We knew we could do it too!  Well, sort of!  :). I'm envisioning a Farmgirl booth there next year......we'll have painted gourds, sea glass jars, and Mission Motif Pillowcases!!!  :)
We then headed over for lunch before it got too crowded.  It was so much fun to all sit together and chat over a great meal.
We then enjoyed wandering around the mission, visiting more of the vendors, the gift shop, and the museum.  Jannie was already planning to teach us how to make pine needle baskets at some point, and her sights are now set Very high after studying the beautiful display of baskets in the museum.  It was so great to spend this time enjoying the day with our "Sisters".  We were fortunate to always find nice people to take Farmgirl photos of our group.  And then we thought FOR SURE we had found our Official Farmgirl Photographer when one gentleman cheerfully took several photos of us in front of the mission.  He was very clever in composing just the right shots including his laying on his back and shooting up at us to get the mission bell above us.  It was right at that moment when he was flat on his back at our feet that his wife and daughter walked up!  He was quickly and quietly whisked away, never to be seen again!  :). Just when we thought we had really found a winner!  I didn't want to tax all of our volunteer photographers with too many cameras, so I didn't get any group shots (until our Grand Finale) so those of you that have them, feel free to share them.  Oh, and by the way, the mission bell at San Antonio was the first mission bell made in Calif.  So we have a great group photo with that historic item.

Gypsy Fiddler/Trail Boss Marlene

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Farmgirl Pillowcase Party...

Robertsonpics's Pillowcase Party album on Photobucket

“Sew” What? “Pillow Talk Pillowcases!” Everyone that sewed went home with a pillowcase, “sew” it must have been a successful day!
The pattern involves a colorful match of three different cotton print fabrics and a couple of sewing tricks...turning the “Burrito” inside out and a French Seam. Teresa’s handy-dandy step by step instructions made it simple for even a beginning seamstress. The pillowcases can be used for camping, travel or at home, seems Farm Girls were thinking “Glamping!”
It was “sew” interesting to see the beautiful fabric choices that individuals selected for their first pillowcase. As the Owl Lady so perfectly stated, “..seeing personalities come out in fabric choices.”
Watch out these can be addicting and they make fabulous personalized gifts!
Your Sewing Sisters, Farmer’s Daughter Teresa and Just Jannie “Thank You” for participating in this more than a “sew, sew” day!   “Sew” Fun

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beautiful Sea Glass...

These were ordinary clear glass jars before Garden Farms Chickie showed farmgirls how to turn them into our own vintage jars.  Using a paintbrush we mixed  1 tsp. Elmers Glue (or Modge Podge), 1 1/2 tsp. water and 3 or 4 drops of food coloring of your choice and painted the jars using long strokes in the same direction.

At first we worried they were streaking, but as they dried the streaks disappeared and a soft subtle colored appeared.  SLO Farmgirl used red food coloring which turn into a beautiful pink.  Just Jannie blotted hers with sponge using different colors.  They all dried beautifully.  It was very easy and quick.... One trick... place the jars on parchment or wax paper so they don't stick to the surface as the glue dries.  These jars should not be used with food or water.  In fact.... if you don't like the way your jar comes out you can always wash it and start over!

Decorating Gourds...

We are a diverse bunch of farmgirls and so lucky to have several very talented real live artists in our clan.   Today Lady Inez invited us to her beautiful porch studio overlooking her incredible garden to teach us basic techinques for designing gourds.  She has created art work on larger gourds that take your breath away.  My favorite was painted with handsome Spanish men wearing sombreros.  To learn the basics our project would be small... Christmas ornament size.
Previously, farmgirls had taken small gourds Lady Inez had grown and dried, home for soaking and
cleaning.  We submerged them in soapy water weighting them down with sponges in order to soften their hard shell.  We then scoured them with steel wool (or wet sandpaper), let them dry and then drew a pencil design on them.

Today, after outlining our penciled design with a dremil tool  and being careful not to put a hole in the gourd, we painted them with sharpies and markers.  We were amazed at the result.   To finish them we screwed small eye bolts in the top and sprayed them with lacquer.  One farmgirl choose to coat hers with olive oil!

Wild at Heart Farmgirls.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plum Jam..... Yummm....

There's something about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with homemade jam that makes me wanna' eat one.... or two.   A biscuit.... well that just brings back memories of grandma's kitchen...what goes better with a biscuit than a bit of homemade heaven.  Avoid the store bought jars if at all possible.... and those little packets they serve in restaurants.... humm... wonder just what's in there.

Our Garden Farms Chickie and SLO Farmgirl got out their canning kettles and showed us just how easy it is to make your own.  They used plums from GF Chickie's incredible plum tree she had frozen earlier in the summer and peaches from Appalousa Gal's white peach tree.  Having the fruit already harvested and ready to go made it REALLY simple.  I learned that it's best to make one recipe at a time.... just comes out better! 

Farmgirls With A Heart

Farmgirls With A Heart

We Circled the Wagons!

We Circled the Wagons!

Santa Margarita Lake

Santa Margarita Lake